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Focused on a strong economy

Responsible Economic Development
and Natural Resource Management
in Southeast Alaska

According to a CNBC news piece, Alaska “was dead last in economic performance last year.”

The article says that Alaska’s economy shrank by 2.4%.

Alaska is one of the states most at risk of “falling into a recession even if the rest of the country avoids one,” according to CNBC.

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Did You Know? Alaska has a world-class graphite deposit near Nome. Our daily activities depend on mining.

First Things First Alaska Foundation comments on Friends of Admiralty’s lead in clam shells document.

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Will the CBJ Assembly ever draw the line?

By Win Gruening, April 12

Our Purpose

First Things First Alaska Foundation (FTFAF) follows many issues we deem essential to the economic vitality of Alaska.

For example, natural resource utilization or development has been stalled or prohibited in many parts of Alaska. As a result, thousands of jobs have disappeared in the last several decades. Job loss is a problem for our economic viability.

We know Alaskans love our beautiful, wild Alaska and seek to protect its harsh and hardy landscapes, waterways, wildlife, and communities.

Alaska’s future depends on the public understanding that our economic survival depends on responsible use of and access to Alaska’s bountiful natural resources.

In this light, FTFAF focuses on the issues of Juneau Access and SE Transportation, the Roadless Rule, mining, solid waste management, tourism, and balanced public spending.


Areas of Focus

First Things First Alaska Foundation is committed to education, advocacy, and support of responsible economic development and natural resource management in Southeast Alaska.

While there are many areas our board and members work to advance our efforts, the FTFAF board has selected the following areas of focus as essential for the health and wellbeing of Southeast Alaska.

Promote Juneau Access and SE Transportation Plan

We need this essential land-link that will reduce shipping costs, provide increased access for travelers, and help the AMHS ferry system.

Alaska-Specific Exemptions to the Roadless Rule

Ensure access for all user groups in the Tongass to resources and communities in Southeast Alaska.

Promote Responsible Activities in the Mining Sector
Responsible resource development that helps Alaskans with great-paying jobs while providing a significant tax-base to local communities.
Dealing with the Juneau Landfill
Juneau has a growing problem that, without a discussion of viable alternatives and decisive action by citizens, will make the landfill a serious issue in the future.
Promoting the Tourism Industry
Tourism is a bedrock of the Southeast Alaska economy. We must foster and support this vibrant sector for sustainable economic activity that supports jobs and local communities.
Balancing Budget Obligations
When analyzing current obligations for taxpayers, it is vital that we self-assess our community’s wants and needs to prioritize essential given finite resources.
Voter Access to Vital Candidate Information
Our commitment to make sure local candidates are open about their position on resource development and responsive to all viewpoints within their respective districts.

Focused on the economy to ensure that Alaskans can support families